Hi, I'm Dan!

I make delicious, from-scratch cookies and other treats right here in Livermore, California. I've been baking for a long time, and I've been a cookie lover for even longer! I opened Dan Good Cookies at the Livermore Farmer's Market on 12 June 2016.


Scratch baking is an increasingly rare trade, with a lot of bakeries shipping in dry mixes, refrigerated doughs, or even ready-to-sell products, but I only bake from scratch, and everything that goes into my cookies is something you'd find in your own kitchen. Plus I try to do my buying, mixing, baking, and packaging as locally as possible. (Even the chocolate is from the Bay Area!)


Whether they're for a party, a gift, or simply for yourself, I'm happy to make you the best cookies you've ever tasted. Please call me anytime at (805) 868-5630 or send me an email at dan@dangoodcookies.com.


Dan Good Cookies: Any better and you'd have to swear!

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