Wondering where our ingredients come from? We've got you covered:


I use real butter in all of my non-vegan cookies, and it's not the cheap stuff! It's high-quality Challenge Butter with 80% butterfat content.


My eggs comes from local sources and are delivered by Challenge Dairy. Every egg that goes into my products is cracked by hand—no frozen egg tubs.


I use the good stuff—Pure Vanilla Extract—which is made from real vanilla beans. There is no artificial vanillin in my cookies.


All of my chocolate—semisweet chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, and cocoa powder—comes from Guittard Chocolate Co. They are based in the Bay Area, and I pick up the chocolate myself from their warehouse in Fairfield—500 pounds at a time!

Ice Cream

The ice cream in my ice cream sandwiches comes from Double Rainbow, a high-quality ice cream shop based in San Francisco.


I use an all-purpose flour blend that comes from a mill in Oakland.


The granulated sugar and brown sugar I use are C&H brand, which means they are 100% cane sugar.

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